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« Design value to make people dream is good.

Create and generate customer loyalty is even better. »

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BizDev grows your pipeline,
You grow your revenue

Outsource your sales

Through our sales expertise we deliver the most effective and tailored expansion plan by identifying the best opportunities for growth.

Brand strategy and Marketing expertise

Welcome to BizDev

Sales and Marketing skills bring a significant added value to the company who chosed BizDev: sales and marketing are aligned.

This 360 approach allows the creation and implementation of business development strategies across B2B and B2C orientations.


your Benefits

Save money

Your sales activity is outsourced and BizDev deliver return on investment.
You save money.

lower the risk

Hiring the right people is complicated. Here, you get infos markets.
You save energy.

Increase networks

Leverage the BizDev existing networks and partnerships.
You get there faster.

save time

Because you would rather focus on your core business.
You save time.
Sales fixes everything.
Guy Kawasaki


Step 1


Generating highly qualified appointments so you can concentrate your efforts on closing deals.

Follow up

A multi-channel follow-up approach to increase brand awareness as well as generate meetings.

Cold Email

Your value proposition through an elaborate sales pitch thus generating interest from your targeted audience.


Through multiple meetings, your product fit with the prospect’s needs, which leads into closable opportunities.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 6

Step 5

Step 4

Connect Call

Call prospects from the cold email campaigns are realized. Every aspect of the prospecting efforts are centralized.

Monthly Performances Report

Insightful summarized reports help you in your future decision making.

Why hire us?

Great market and business analysis skills with inbound sales and marketing techniques. 

Creativity. Audacy. Results.



We believe in full transparency through clear and efficient communication. We are reliable and will always be there to help during a crisis.


Can-do attitude

Nothing motivates us more than someone saying “it’s impossible to do this” or “no one’s ever done it before”. Impossible doesn’t exist.



If you don’t see results in six months, fire us because you’re wasting your money. Execution is all that matters.  Nobody has fired us so far.



We are lucky to be multicultural. We’ve visited so many countries. And we’ve worked with teams all across the globe.



With an Out of the box approach. In addition to the commercial strategy, we are also marketing experts: it is very useful for your brand.


Passion & Network

With our strong entrepreneurial spirit, we can only do things 110% or not at all. Supportive and thinking of others before us.  We developed a huge networks of experts in many different fields.


important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Success is quantitatively  measured by the number of leads and the number of contracts signed indeed. 

It is also measured by the quality of the prospects.

Linking with the decision makers.

Meeting them and conclude the deal if they are interested by your product or your service. 

Your can expect market data, monthly reports, contacts details of the qualified prospects, meetings and sales!

KPIs, brand history, sales objectives for a better understanding of the ongoing challenges, your value proposition and your goals.

All confidential information shall be subject to the conditions of professional secrecy laid down by the confidentiality agreement. 

An email address with your company domain name should be delivered.

Alongside the skills in Business Development, Operational Marketing and Strategic Vision are an invaluable added value to the brands.

Also, the large experience in different industries is an undeniably value added. 

About Switzerland

Your Company

BizDev serves a broad range of clients, from the world’s largest companies to medium-size businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Large or small, local or global.


BizDev helps businesses abroad established in their home country interested in entering the exciting Swiss market, full of opportunity.


Switzerland is home to some of the largest global companies. It has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies in the world .

Switzerland is also the strongest brand in the world. 

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Get to know the Swiss market

Different cultures, different languages and very conservative market. The fourth industrial revolution changes the value creation chain, cross-border collaboration and the way companies create value for their customers.

Financial risks

Entering Swiss market from abroad is perceived as risky and costly without a sound strategy.

Your company already sells in Switzerland

Lack of a systematic lead-gen and sales process that misses opportunities and difficulty to differentiate from other competitors.
corporate tax rate in Switzerland
special tax deduction for innovative companies

We Can Help

To support your sales activities

Get Onboard: promoting your client’s company within my strong and reliable network

20 years

sales and marketing experience







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