Biz Dev is constantly looking for new members to join our team that can bring their new experiences, expertise and value. Biz Dev looks to hire members with different backgrounds as this fits and contributes to the company culture. Candidates with diverse and educated backgrounds who are inspiring leaders will fit perfectly at Biz Dev.

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At Biz Dev you will find a working environment shaped by honesty, integrity, and transparency. Here you will find that we promote flexible work concepts, and a good work/life balance. With a flat hierarchy and a young team, you will find your place easily while working here! Every voice that joins our team is heard and valued, your opinion will never be discounted.

job opportunities

become an associate

Sales Associate

having the full responsibility of a client business development.

Assistant sales Associate

supporting the Sales Associate in the commercial prospection and administrative tasks.

Marketing Associate

market research, competitive intelligence and brand image recommendatiion.

Marketing assistant Associate

supporting the sales associate in the product / service positioning.

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With over 20 years of  sales and marketing experience in the area of the business development, Biz Dev strives to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain.

The mission of Biz Dev is to provide the client with the best consulting advice possible, and help with any commercial problems required to get through a difficult market situation.